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Jonathan Noah Levy Media Center: E-book Databases, Online Encyclopedias, and Public Library Services

Directions for Acces

Click on the images to be directed to the databases.  
You do not need passwords if you are at school.  Login information for home use can be found below.  You will need to use your login information to open the document. 

Access Information


 Britannica Original Sources

 Britannica Original Source contains  primary source documents in history, law, science and more.

 Britannica Moderna

 Enciclopedia Moderna is the most comprehensive Spanish language encyclopedia available today. 

Mango Languages

Learn a new language with this interactive database that provides step by step lesson plans for 72 different languages. If you are just getting started, use your MCPS Google username and password to create an account.

Mango Languages 



SORA is our shared collection of digital books, both print and audio. The collection is shared across the district, with opportunities for each school to add to the collection for their own




Universalis Junior

Created in collaboration with American and French education experts, provides a fresh look at a wide array of topics such as history, geography, science, and technology. French-language students will be challenged with progressively more complex vocabulary in this engaging learning environment.




A valuable resource for all French language students. There is access to more than 38,000 articles, including exclusive reports, weekly and monthly dossiers to understand the issues and problems of our times; 25,000 media items; a world atlas with over 1400 maps; an integrated dictionary with 120,000 entries; and a guide to selected Web sites.


Montgomery County Public Libraries

Click here to apply for a digital library card.